What funds can be used to get a preferential loan?

What funds can be used to get a preferential loan?   Although a company that plans and expands the rehabilitation process does not receive a loan, it has to develop a business plan at a certain time and, in many cases, raise loans, regardless of whether it has the money or not. It is necessary […]

Steps to be taken in developing a business plan

A Quality Business Plan is the Key to Success One of the main steps that a business entity takes is long-term strategic planning. If your goal is to create a strong, competitive and profitable business, then a comprehensive business plan covering a description of a business idea, which will include information on production, distribution, advertising […]


Services in the field of procurement optimization, building a procurement system and procurement outsourcing are widespread in the world. Most of the routine work is usually outsourced to specialized companies that professionally provide various procurement services. Procurement outsourcing is the transfer of specialized procurement operations related to sourcing and supplier management to a third party […]